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About Paragon Films

Looking far ahead while delivering now, Paragon Films is continually evolving stretch film worldwide to deliver products unparalleled in performance, value, quality and consistency. Over the years, our innovations have continually answered the call for more efficient, sustainable and economical stretch film products. With plants strategically located in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Washington, we efficiently and economically service all 50 states, as well as Canada, Mexico, South America and a number of international locations across a wide array of industries.

Every day at Paragon Films, one idea leads to the next, igniting the momentum that has made us an industry leader. Simply put, we are a team of engineers, professional problem solvers, innovators, and perfectionists, working around the clock to make Paragon Films the best stretch film manufacturer in the industry.

Company History

Paragon Films was founded in 1988 in Tulsa, OK under the innovative leadership of company president and industry pioneer Mike Baab with the vision of combining cutting-edge technology with a highly skilled work force to produce a line of stretch film unparalleled in performance, value, quality and consistency.

With Paragon’s commitment to the reinvestment of company profits and an array of innovative new products contributing significantly to growth, a second plant opened its doors in Taylorsville, NC in 2005 and later a third location in Union Gap, WA in 2013.

Throughout its history, Paragon has consistently responded to challenges and opportunities with tireless innovation, bold creativity and entrepreneurial passion. Our proven ability to absorb, advance and produce new technologies, processes and organizational philosophies has long fueled our competitiveness and growth.