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Darin Tang, Chief Executive Officer

As a lifelong sports fan and athlete, Darin knows a thing or two about team building. This is part of what brought him to Paragon: the team atmosphere that includes every employee and each customer. With almost 30 years of experience in packaging, logistics, and supply chain industry including directing the world’s largest packaging distributor, Darin brings unparalleled industry expertise to Paragon. His growth-oriented philosophy shows in all aspects of his work including creating teams that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Darin has dedicated his professional life to the packaging industry, he cares about the careers he influences and the products he represents. He says that the most important problem to solve for people is the one they care most about. This service-oriented perspective fosters loyalty and builds professional relationships that will last.

The most important commitment in Darin’s life is his family. Married for over 20 years to his wife Teri, they have two children Lauren (18) and Jarod (16). Darin spends his time away from the office enjoying his family or on the tennis courts.