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Our People

The importance of consciously creating culture was recognized on day one at Paragon Films when our founder, Mike Baab, included words like love, kindness, integrity, and compassion in the first draft of the company’s Core Values and Beliefs. Since then, a company culture has been evolving in which co-workers grasp this vision and make it a reality, allowing it to perhaps become our most distinguishing trait. Our engaged employees deserve much praise for their individual commitment to the values that drive Paragon, and ultimately result in the company’s successes.

It is our goal to act with uncompromising love, honesty and integrity in everything we do. At the same time we strive to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. We are committed to investing in and developing our employees’ diverse talents, ingenuity and leadership that, which, drives stable, sustainable growth.


Since the first days of production, Paragon’s culture fostered creativity and gave employees the freedom to take risks and try new ideas. This innovative culture led to a steady stream of products. With no boundaries on imagination and no barriers to cooperation, one innovative idea swiftly lead to another.