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Paragon’s investment in technology is their key to innovation and competitiveness and its springboard to meeting customer needs. In countless combinations, Paragon technologies come together as innovative new products that set the standard for performance, quality, value and consistency.

Paragon has been successful in accomplishing the goals set forth in the beginning days of production. Through the years, Paragon has combined cutting-edge technology with a highly skilled work force to produce a superior line of stretch film. They built customer satisfaction and trust in both the product line and their level of service. Paragon has maintained a competitive edge in product performance and value, as well as establishing a leadership role in the industry for new product development and technical innovation. Personnel at Paragon Films are fully committed to strive for excellence and provide leadership in finding packaging solutions.

Paragon® Handfilms

Paragon is the premier manufacturer of stretch film and has a diverse offering of cast handfilm. Paragon handfilms adhere to Paragon’s high standard for quality and possess the same crystal clear optics and superior characteristics as its machine film products. VIEW SPECS

Paragon® Machine Films

From the extreme versatility of our conventional machine films, to the superior load retention of our high performance offerings, our machine films consistently out power, out stretch and outperform all others. No matter the application, our machine films provide excellent unionization, improved load integrity and cost efficiency pallet after pallet. VIEW SPECS