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Julie Thornton, VP Human Resources & Administration

Whether it be helping her fellow Paragonians reach their full potential or planning company events and tradeshows, Julie’s fierce organization, attention to detail and complete mastery of multitasking have made her a pro at keeping things sane. As long as her trusty side-kick (her daily planner) is within arm’s reach, she can take on anything!

At Paragon for 15+ years, Julie has helped foster the unique family-like atmosphere at Paragon, championing many of the employee perks Paragon is famous for – from the unsurpassed benefits program to the newly implemented Summit Life Wellness Program.

She believes in sharing her considerable skills and knowledge and participates in inner-city employment seminars aimed at helping people identify their skill sets and find jobs. She also serves on the board of The Paragon for Christ Charitable Trust. Talk to Julie for a minute or two and you’ll find an extremely passionate and dedicated woman, no matter the role she’s playing in life at the moment – employee, wife and mother.