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Paragon Films Launches NEXUS® Machine Film

Paragon Films is proud to introduce Nexus machine film – the next level of evolution in the stretch film machine market. This film was designed with the customer in mind, answering many of the demands in how a machine film should perform. Through an extensive development process, and in collaboration with multiple major resin suppliers, Paragon Films is able to bring the next level of performance and cost savings to it’s customers.

“Through the development of Nexus, the focus was to provide unbeatable load containment while using less film thereby saving you cost per pallet wrapped,” said Shaun Pirtle, VP of Technology for Paragon. “Your product deserves the best protection available, especially when it comes with the best economics,” added Pirtle.

Living up to it’s meaning, Nexus is at the core of all machine films and delivers the next level of performance not yet seen in this industry.

  • Excellent Load Containment & Control
  • Low Cost per Pallet Wrapped
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • High Clarity
  • Tough Puncture/Tear Resistance

When it comes down to performance and cost savings,
Nexus is the machine film for you!

Click here for more information and free downloads on Nexus machine film.