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Paragon U Blog Announcement

Large numbers of people use the Internet all over the world. In 1995 only 16 million people accessed the Internet. In less than two decades more than 1.7 billion people in North America alone sign on as regular users. And in the next three years another half billion people will be added to the ranks. A third of all U.S. adults now get news on the go with their mobile device at least once a week.

The amount of digital information in the world doubles every 11 hours so it’s hard to keep up? At Paragon we believe the best kind of marketing is educational not promotional. We connect, create, and inspire by providing mobile digital platforms that allow others to share content that comes from real experience. This is why we created the Paragon U blog. A blog dedicated to original, truthful, and customer driven content. Our blog contributors are a diverse group of customers, Paragon sales professionals, managers, and some of the most talented and experienced people in the stretch film industry.

The packaging industry is well aware that Paragon is a faith based organization and fundamental to our faith is truth. As John 8:32 states, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” We hope the Paragon U blog helps you find truth in an increasingly complicated world.

Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and information, estimates that social media and blogs reach 80% of all active 245 million US Internet users so we hope you join the conversation at the Paragon U blog.