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Rolly Cochlin, Chief Operating Officer

A 30+ year industry veteran, Rolly has been a key asset to Paragon since 2006. He strives to ensure Paragon’s competitiveness in the marketplace through his exceptional ability to assemble teams aimed at incorporating lean manufacturing practices and continuous improvement initiatives. His firm belief that each team member has a direct responsibility to manufacture the highest quality products while providing the best service possible has contributed greatly to the success of the company.

When he’s not pushing for excellence at Paragon, you can find Rolly enjoying the great outdoors on a leisurely motorcycle ride with the love his life and wife of 30 years. Don’t let his hard exterior fool you, this follower of Christ and ultimate family man is a softy at heart. Always looking for ways to go above and beyond for his wife, kids and grandson whether it be a fun family vacation to visit loved ones or a relaxing afternoon fishing.