Our Culture

Since the first day of production, Paragon’s culture fostered creativity and gave employees the freedom to take risks and try new ideas. When Paragon Films was founded, love, kindness, integrity and compassion were the cornerstone of our culture. These are cultivated into our Circle of Excellence Values of today and drive our culture in all that we do.

At Paragon Films, we are a family. We believe in doing the right thing. We work hard and expect excellence. Excellence is not just what we produce, it’s who we are. Our employees are what makes us great. We lead by example and live our core values. We believe in treating everyone as our family. We are committed to investing in our employees and treating them as family because it’s the right thing to do. We foster creativity and give employees the freedom to take risks, try new ideas and be innovative. At Paragon everyone’s voice is heard; with no boundaries on imagination and no barriers to cooperation.