Hand Films

Paragon is the premier manufacturer of stretch film and has a diverse offering of cast hand film. Paragon hand films adhere to our high standard for quality and possess crystal clear optics and superior characteristics.

Paragon Power Edge PCR Handfilm

Power Edge PCR™
Power Edge PCR is a certified 25% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) stretch film designed to support circularity. Thinner. Stronger. Greener.® than thicker gauge PCR films available on the market, Power Edge PCR uses less virgin plastic than any hand film on the market. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Titus handfilm

Thinner. Stronger. Greener.® A hand film designed with sustainability in mind, Titus provides exceptional load security and excellent puncture resistance at an ultra thin gauge. Titus delivers performance and dependability while using less film. The result is a hand film that provides both cost savings and source reduction. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Torque handfilm

Half the film, half the effort, and twice the force. The tagline might be simple, but the hand film is extraordinary. Torque’s patented formula saves you time, money, and resources because of its impressive resume of capabilities. It’s lightweight, damage resistant, and secures a tighter wrapped pallet…consistently. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Spartan handfilm

Strong on performance and easy on the environment. Because of its thin gauge and superior cling, Spartan hand film specializes in hassle-free and waste-free application. As a result, Spartan reduces packaging consumption and material costs. Simply put, this hand film sets the bar for high performance and source reduction. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Edge handfilm

Aggressive loads—buckle down and meet your match. Edge hand film features enhanced resins and a multi-layered design. These characteristics provide exceptional puncture resistance and superior performance. Because of its ultra-high performance, Edge gets the job done even when stretch levels exceed 250 percent. Edge has always been a staple hand film at Paragon and its performance proves why. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

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