SVPR Films

Our SVPR (Sustainability – Virgin Plastic Reduction) products are our thinnest, most sustainable stretch films that will help your business efforts in reducing virgin plastic use and promote circularity in your transportation packaging. Our PCR-certified products are listed on the SCS Green Products Guide page. For product availability, please contact your local Paragon Films Representative.

Paragon Beyond PCR Machine Film

Beyond PCR™
Introducing Beyond PCR: the world's first ultra-high performance, thin-gauge machine film derived from certified, post-consumer recycled content. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Beyond Machine Film

BEYOND: the thinnest, strongest, most sustainable machine stretch film on the market. This 39 gauge machine film is designed for customers who are focused on better performance, less film used, and annual cost savings. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Power Edge PCR Handfilm

Power Edge PCR™
Power Edge PCR is a certified 25% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) stretch film designed to support circularity. Thinner. Stronger. Greener.® than thicker gauge PCR films available on the market, Power Edge PCR uses less virgin plastic than any hand film on the market. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Titus Handfilm

Thinner. Stronger. Greener.® A hand film designed with sustainability in mind, Titus provides exceptional load security and excellent puncture resistance at an ultra thin gauge. Titus delivers performance and dependability while using less film. The result is a hand film that provides both cost savings and source reduction. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

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