The Paragon Difference

At Paragon Films, our legacy lies in our difference—the Paragon Difference. It is a defining characteristic that flourishes in our culture of excellence and our focus on savings and sustainability. This pioneering culture begins with our ability to produce some of the thinnest high performance and specialty films in the industry while maintaining exceptional quality, load containment, and unparalleled overall performance.

The story of our market-leading technological innovation begins with our impressive intellectual property portfolio, unique resin blends, state-of-the-art equipment, and proprietary manufacturing processes. It continues with our technical teams endlessly working to take our products to the next level.


Customer Testimonials

“Paragon is the leader in the high performance film segment.  Their films outperform the competition as it relations to high levels of pre-stretch, load containment, and puncture resistance.”

“Paragon is the leader of the pack, hands down.  They are number one in terms of quality.”


Two well-respected, third party testing organizations assessed the performance of our films against five competitor films across the following key attributes:

  • Ultimate Stretch Percentage
  • Ultimate Force Containment
  • Force at 200% Stretch
  • Unwind Force
  • Tear Resistance

In each instance Paragon ranked first.


Our focus on high performance down gauging and reduction of the pounds needed to effectively wrap a pallet has provided for substantial cost savings and overall value to the customer without sacrificing load containment. Evaluating the cost per pallet shipped, we decrease costs 10-20% while significantly lowering damaged freight claims (which can average 0.5% of total shipments). These savings are attributed to the down gauging of the film and the reduction of pounds needed to effectively wrap the pallet.



Our down gauging methodology enables us to continually produce and introduce improved thinner gauge products (often 20-30% thinner than the competition) while maintaining the high performance attributes of our film. In recent years, Paragon has been able to remove millions of pounds of plastic from the marketplace while assisting our customers with more efficient and sustainable film usage.

Paragon is proud to have developed a tool to analyze performance, sustainability, and savings of our films as compared to other products. Our Sales Representatives and many Distributor Representatives are able to conduct this evaluation.