Specialty Stretch Films

Paragon specialty stretch films are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and formulations. For product availability, please contact Paragon’s Customer Service Department at 1-800-274-9727.

Paragon Contrast Specialty Stretch Films

Advanced Slip Technology – Contrast®
This film merges the proven dependability of the Nexus product line with advanced slip technology. Contrast is a high slip stretch film that enables load-to-load contact with no film breakage. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Ultimate Force Specialty Stretch Films

PET Bottle Film - Ultimate Force®
Paragon’s PET bottle film is manufactured using enhanced polyethylene resin and specifically designed for use in the container industry. PET film is ideal for wrapping empty containers, such as PET bottles and metal composite cans. Low cling properties allow the film to adhere to itself, while not sticking to cans, bottles or other wrapped pallets. PET bottle film is engineered for pre-stretch up to 300% and to run at speeds exceeding 30 rpm. In addition, the PET film will not crush, or cause ovalization, of empty cans or bottles. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Nexus UVI Specialty Stretch Films

UVI Protection – Nexus UVI®
The UVI additive in this product enables outdoor storage of wrapped loads. This specialty stretch film performs under harsh conditions and extends stretch film integrity during UV exposure. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

Paragon Cold Force Specialty Stretch Films

Stretch Film for Extreme Temperatures - Cold Force®
This high performance, puncture resistant specialty stretch film is designed for maximum load containment and superior adhesive strength in cold environments. Product Sheet Technical Data Sheet

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